История развития

  • Founded in 1968 in Shaanxi Feng county

    In March 1968, in Nanjiaguan, Gujia countryside, Wenjiangsi commune of Shaanxi Feng county was built the 1406th research Institute (the test equipment research institute of electronic devices with ultra high frequency), whose main task is to develop the test equipment, instrument, microwave components and so on to the need of ultra high frequency electric vacuum and microwave semiconductor devices. The 41st research institute was born. In the tough conditions of tertiary place, the pioneers of it experienced ten years of hard work, completed study of more than 10 subjects, part of which won the National Science Conference award and the Ministry of electronics industry science and technology progress award.

  • Overall relocation in 1982 in Bengbu, Anhui

       Through the occlusion and the invasion of natural disasters, located in the hinterland of Qinling Mountains, 41st institute faced many difficulties, scientific research and production breaking down, workers living without security. In March 1982, approved by the fourth machinery industry Ministry, the 41st research institute began formed in batches moving to Bengbu, Anhui province. After nearly ten years of efforts, entrepreneurs of overcame the shortage of funds and the difficulties of narrow area. As they removed, they still constructed, did scientific research, and manufactured, and finally in the shore of Huaihe River was built the only the research institute of electronic measuring instruments in China-the East China Research Institute of electronic measuring instruments.

  • Part of research labs moved to Qingdao in 1997

       In order to meet the needs of the modernization, in 1991, the 41st institute began to construct branch in Shandong Qingdao Economic-Technological Development Zone with the implementation of microwave / millimeter wave test shift. It is a business process from scratch, from small to large, a high-tech electronic test equipment R & D base built by the coast of the Yellow Sea.

  • Military research transferred to Qingdao in 2010

    In order to strengthen the scientific research strength, attract R & D personnel of high levels, in 2010, the whole engineering research of 41st institute was all transferred to Qingdao, setting up eight R & D departments respectively in microwave / millimeter wave measurement, optical communication measurement, digital communication measurement, radio communication measurement, automatic test system integration, active and passive microwave components in eight directions’ product research and development work.

  • In 2013, the 40th and 41st integrated operations

       In 2013, the China Electronic Technology Group Corporation in order to speed up the development of instrument industry and related components industry, accelerate the integration of internal resources, strengthen strategic coordination, complementary advantages, improve the market competence and core competence of technology, decided to put the 41st and 40th integration operations.

  • In 2015, the China Electronics Technology Instruments Corporation.,Ltd was founded

    In May 2015, the China Electronics Technology Insruments Corporation.,Ltd was founded in Qingdao. The corporation will serve as a new starting point, seize a golden opportunity for development, make efforts to make the company prosperous and make another glory. The instrument industry as the goal, the construction conditions changing rapidly, intelligence structure upgrading, scientific research innovation, the industrial structure has completed an unprecedented scale. Key Laboratory of electronic test technology, then a number of projects in the electrical instrument engineering center, the instrument will embark on a new journey.

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