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A New Trademark of China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., Ltd——Ceyear


China Electronics Technology Instruments Co. ,Ltd (CETI) was established in Qingdao, in May, 2015. As an affiliated company of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), it leverages the sources of the 40th and the 41st Institute of CETC, focuses on exploration and research of electronic test and interconnection technology. The company is mainly engaged in development and production of electronic measurement instruments, auto measurement systems, microwave/mm-wave components and various kinds of electronic applied products, it can also supply customers with complete test solutions as well as maintenance, repair, calibration and test service.

 To better promote our series of electronic measurement instruments and components enjoying independent intellectual property, CETI is going to use a new trademark-Ceyear.

 As a combination of Ce, ear, eye and year, Ceyear indicates instruments capable of thinking. Inheriting high quality of CETC products, Ceyear delivers precise test experience through sensing and listening to customers’ needs. Carrying on the values of high sense of responsibility, innovation, excellence and sharing, CETI will continue to support customers in sectors like communications, industrial manufacturing and universities with comprehensive test technologies. 


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