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CETIʹs Brand "Ceyear" Officially Released


On September 18, 2017, the "Ceyear" brand of China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., Ltd (CETI) was officially released in Beijing.

At the press conference, Li Ligong, Chairman of CETI, systematically described the story of the instrument, opportunities and challenges, brand interpretation and brand outlook, and opened up a new journey for the world famous brand.

Li Ligong said that while facing the pressure of foreign instrument monopoly markets, technology blockades from western countries and the competitive pressure of foreign instrument brands, the development of CETI instruments still has good opportunities with the implementation of national strategies and special projects such as the drive of innovation, the Belt and Road, military and civilian integration, "Internet +", 5G communications, etc., and also with the strong support for the self-controlled development of instruments and equipment from the government, and the huge market demands for instruments. Instrumentation calls for the Chinese brand, which is not only the needs of the development of CETI itself, nor a symbol of national strength, but also the responsibility of CETI to revitalize the national instrument industry.

The brand "Ceyear" means rich. "Ceyear" represents a banner from the Chinese test and measurement, and means an instrument "capable of thinking". "C" in "Ceyear" is from China, "ce" is the inheritance and test measurement of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), "eye" is observation, "ear" is listening, "y" is a banner, "year" represents an everlasting enterprise.

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