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A Breakthrough in THz Test Technology-Test Frequency up to 500GHz


Recently, the signal generator and the vector network analyzer at 500GHz manufactured by China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., Ltd (CETI) were certified by the national assessment panel,which signifies an improvement of the working frequency of China microwave/mm-wave measurement instruments. The general technological specifications have reached the advanced level in the global market.

CETI has paid close attention to development and market demands of THz test technology, and made breakthroughs in several key technologies, including mm-wave spatial broadband multiplication synthesis technology, low-loss sub-harmonic mixing technology, high-sensitivity diode detection technology, precise waveguide component machining technology etc. We independently developed mm-wave source modules, frequency extension modules, S-parameters test modules, power sensors etc. The working frequencies of our microwave signal generators, spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers and power meters have been extended to THz band. The comprehensive technological specifications have attained advanced levels of other products alike from foreign manufacturers. Some specifications out of them, including output power of source modules, measurement sensitivity of spectrum analyzers, dynamic ranges of vector network analyzers and min. test power of power meters, are better than or equal to these of top products from Germany, USA, and Ireland etc.

THz technology is considered as one of the world’s top ten technologies that can change the world in the future, and is significant for scientific and technological studies in the fields of satellite communications, astronomical observation, airport security and nondestructive examination. The THz technological achievements made by CETI filled the gap of domestic research, and built up test conditions for signal generation, spectrum analysis, S-parameters analysis and power examination in THz band, which paves the way for domestic mm-wave and THz technological research. 

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