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University “YI Plan” CETI Scholarship Goes to UESTC


In September 2016, the China Electronics Technology Instruments CO., LTD (CETI) and the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) held "CETI" scholarship donation ceremony at Qingshuihe campus in Chengdu City. Under the agreement, CETI will set up “CETI” scholarship to reward undergraduate top-notch innovative talents. Chen Kunfeng, deputy general manager of CETI, Zeng Yong, vice-president of UESTC, and other leaders attended the ceremony.

It is the original intention and motive of the "YI Plan" to improve the conditions of running software and hardware in colleges and universities and to help the development of Chinese education. As part of the "YI Plan", "CETI" scholarship aims to reward diligent and top-notch innovative talents and encourage more outstanding students to join the innovative talent team.

From now on, CETI officially announced "YI Plan" student aid activities nationwide. Since Jun. 1st 2016 to next 5 years, CETI provides no less than 100 million RMB for nearly thousands of colleges and universities all over the country to optimize the conditions of running schools, improve teaching quality through building test equipment laboratory, offering free trial experience, training and internships, electronic design competition and other activities.

With years of experience in the field of electronic test and measurement technology and products, CETI is committed to cultivating outstanding engineers in the future, the development of Chinese higher education, and promoting the overall improvement of Chinese electronics industry.

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Note:YI: YI is the pronunciation of a Chinese word which means one hundred million.

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